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From: Kevin Berry
Subject: Feeling Horny at WorkI sent this email to a nifty writer a while ago. It's real... it was
kinda random but really hot so I thought I'd send it out to Nifty for
your guys' pleasure. Enjoy.Hey i remember reading one of your storys on nifty a while back and it got
me really horny. i sent you an email and we spoke a bit. today i was
feeling really horny and reading nifty and i decided to write an email to
one of the random contacts on my list. i thought "wouldn't it be cool to
get an email from a random guys just saying he's horny and jacking off?"
It feels fuckin good just writing it too lol.so i'm sitting here in my office at work. thats where i was reading
nifty. But there's no one here but me cos everyone's gone. And I'm just
feelin my cock thru my suit trousers and wondering how i'm gonna deal
with feelin so fuckin horny at work. and i realise im alone so i can do
what i fuckin want. First i just feel my cock through my trousers and rub
it on my legs a bit. then i close the blinds and take off my trousers and
start feelin my balls. Im wearing black and red tight briefs. i shaved
may ball sac yesterday so there all smooth and sensitive... feels really
nice... so im feelin them and my cock is goin crazy but i wont touch it.
then i take off my briefs and sit there naked cept for a suit and tie and
strokin my thighs feelin dirty. Touchin my balls going mad. strokin my
legs.so i start jackin off my cock real slow and i'm all wet and drooling
penis feels amazing. shy lolita preteen galleries but still so slow and i get tingles up my cockshaft.
cos theres no one here im groaning like crazy all alone in the office.
saying dirty words and begging to have someone suck my cock right now.
But there's no one, so i start jacking like crazy. i take of my tie and
shirt so im naked now. sittting at my computer i put the homo porno pics
up... watchin ross hurston and harry louis do their stuff, wishing i
could be fuckin their butts. there beautiful bodies like gods or
something.Shit young naked russian lolas it feels so good. so dirty.and now i'm gonna come... man it feels so good!!Shitfuckmammafuck yeah. oh man. ohhhhhhhh mannn, i wanna fuck ass soooooo
bad!!! Fuck YEH!Shit... man i jsut came and that was for you baby.Kev ;)---If you liked this, feedback is always welcome
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